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The school successfully completed the registration of 2023 junior high school students
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When the autumn color is pleasant, it is the back-to-school season。On September 6, the campus welcomed a new face, and the new students of 2023 came as scheduled。In order to welcome the arrival of new students, the school has set up a new student orientation working group, from the early preparation for new students, to the registration, check-in and enrollment education and other aspects of the arrangement and deployment, and actively create a warm, warm and thoughtful enrollment atmosphere for new students。

New Lake campus welcoming exterior picture

School Mazhang campus welcoming exterior picture

Heart new, visit care

On the same day, President Peng Shouqing, Secretary of the University Party Committee Liang Zhaohui, Vice President Qi Jizhong, deputy secretary of the University Party Committee Luo Ruxue, director of the Mazhang Campus Management Committee Tan Shuming and his delegation went into the front line of orientation to guide the orientation work, visited the staff and student volunteers who participated in the orientation work, and communicated with the new students who registered for enrollment。

President Peng Shouqing, Vice President Luo Ruxue led the team to visit the new line

At each registration point, the school leaders stopped to ask about the progress of the orientation work and real-time registration data。School leaders "praise" the hard work of the staff and volunteers, encouraging them to stick to their posts, enthusiastic service, and timely solve the problems and difficulties encountered by new students。

Liang Zhaohui, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, visited the freshmen dormitory of Xinhu Campus

Tan Shuming, director of Mazhang Campus Management Committee, visited the dormitory of Mazhang Campus and communicated with the students

"Where are you from?"School is home" "to a new environment,If you encounter any difficulties, you can find teachers and senior brothers and sisters "...8:00 p.m. the same night,A group of university leaders visited the freshman dormitory,Welcome the new students,Encourage them to integrate into the new college life as soon as possible,Cherish your time and study hard,Save youth power for national prosperity and national rejuvenation。

Fancy welcome, have praised

On the day of registration, some "special" students took photos with school leaders happily, shared birthday cakes, and received birthday gifts...The scene was filled with laughter。September 6th is not only the registration day of the students, but also the birthday of two new students, and the school leaders sent birthday gifts and wishes to the new students who coincide with their birthdays on the registration day。

Principal Peng Shouqing and Vice Principal Luo Ruxue celebrated the birthday of the new students on that day

Not only that,In order to let freshmen have a more warm "first college experience",The school has launched a variety of exclusive services and activities for freshmen,Free shuttle buses will be arranged for new students at Zhanjiang West Station, South Railway Station, Haitian Station, Mazhang Station and other Zhan stations,Make it easy for new students to register;Adopt smart campus APP service,Move all aspects of enrollment to the "cloud",Let new students experience the efficient "one-stop" enrollment service;The school's welcome volunteers are also active throughout the campus,Welcome the new students to school warmly,Help the new students carry their luggage,Actively and patiently answer questions to new students,Let the students feel full care and meticulous service。Each college registration point has planned a variety of forms of enrollment "punch", each characteristic interactive display board, customized signature wall, etc., so that the welcome atmosphere is full, and bring a different experience to the new students who report on the day

The school picks up new students at Zhanjiang West Railway Station, South Railway Station, Haitian Railway Station, Mazhang Railway Station and other stations

The school arranges a special bus for freshmen

New students all punched in to take photos

"The biggest feeling is that the school is full of vitality and enthusiasm. As soon as I stepped into the campus, there were many volunteers who took the initiative to contact me, carry my luggage, introduce the campus..."Wang Lang from the School of Fine Arts and Design gave the thumbs up to the volunteers。

"I am very happy to realize the" two-way trip "with Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology!I hope that in the future college life, I can improve myself, broaden my horizon, and stand on a broader stage。Xu Qi of the Music and Dance Academy is full of expectations for the next college life。

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