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【正规买球app排行十佳平台】 National first prize!Students in the 2023 China Robot Competition and RoboCup RoboCup China Final won a good result
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Recently, the 2023 China Robot Competition and RoboCup China Robot World Cup was successfully held in Fujian Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Teachers Liao CAI and Zhang Haiyan from Intelligent Manufacturing College of our school led a team of 12 students to participate in the competition and won 1 first prize (runner-up) and 2 third prizes in the national Finals。

The contest was organized by Chinese Association of Automation, RoboCup China Committee, Jinjiang Municipal Government and Quanzhou Science and Technology Bureau。The contest attracted 1,084 teams from 260 schools, including Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, National University of Defense Technology, etc., with more than 5,000 applicants, the scale of participation was the largest in the history of the contest。The competition is divided into 24 major events and 52 minor events in the university group, 5 major events and 15 minor events in the youth group, including football robot, rescue robot, underwater robot, intelligent car challenge and so on。After three days of intense competition, the contest produced a total of 66 champion teams, 60 runner-up teams, 54 third place teams。

Tsang Ka-tin received the award (6th from left)

The student team of our school participated in three events: Intelligent robot handling competition, intelligent car Challenge Competition and humanoid robot competitive all-around Competition。其中,In the model robot intelligent handling competition,"Zhankun Team" mainly uses 3D printing,Photoelectric sensor tracking, camera recognition technology completed the project display,With excellent professional skills to win the favor of the judges,Won the first prize of the national finals,Ranked second (runner-up) in China;At the Smart Car Challenge,"Zhancha team" uses LiDAR technology and Nvidia Jetson NANO computing system,The machine recognition technology completes the autonomous function of the intelligent car to automatically identify turning, walking straight, parking, and avoiding obstacles,Won the third prize;In the engineering competition robot - humanoid robot competition all-around competition,"Rinai 168 team" uses steering gear and structural components to make robots,Perfect bipedal robot racing and bipedal robot gymnastics,Finally won the third prize of the track。

Runner-up trophy

Liao CAI, the instructor of the competition, said: "In the process of preparing for the competition, the teams are working tirelessly to debug the works, and even in the summer vacation, the students still choose to stay in school to polish the project。In the end, the team also cracked many key technical problems under the guidance of the instructors。”

Zhankun team competition site

Zhan tea team competition site

Hinai 168 team participated in the competition

After the South China Regional competition, the instructors and the team immediately gathered together to actively study the key technologies of the opponents, timely improve the works, and pursue excellence。In the end, the competition team upgraded and transformed the work again, changed the program and adjusted the scheme in time, and completed all debugging before the final。Finally, in the competition, the team project passed steadily, fully reflecting the continuous pursuit of excellence spirit of our teachers and students。

Zeng Jiatian, the team leader who won the first prize in this national competition, said,"The competition is more about our ability to work as a team and solve problems,And the ability to learn and apply new knowledge and skills,I suggest that students of all grades can take part in this competition,Whether it is computer science and technology, Internet of Things engineering or mechanical design and manufacturing and automation students,Can find their own place in this project!"

This is a feast of robot technology. Students improve themselves through the competition, which is a very valuable experience for the participating teams。Through the competition with the strong team, the students realized their own shortcomings and room for improvement。The students of our school will continue to carry forward the spirit of daring to innovate, not afraid of difficulties, and climbing the technical peak, promoting teaching through competition, and obtaining true knowledge in practice。

List of winners:

Intelligent Handling Competition First prize:

Zhankun team: 20 mechanical class 2 Zeng Jiatian, 20 mechanical class 2 Xie Longyou, 20 mechanical class 2 Wang Tianshi

Tutors: Liao CAI, Li Chunhong, Zhong Dejun, Quan Zhimin, Zheng Jinrui

Smart car race third prize

Zhan Tea team: Level 21 Information management Class 01 Mazesen, Level 21 machinery class 2 Chen Tengxiao, level 21 Information management class 01 Li Qijun, 20 digital media technology class 1 Wen Gengquan

Tutors: Liao CAI, Zheng Jinrui, Quan Zhimin, Zhong Dejun

Third prize for bipedal robot racing and gymnastics for bipedal robot

Team 168:20 level mechanical 01 class Wu Junlong, 20 level mechanical 01 class Su Liangzhen, 21 level Internet of Things engineering 01 class Wu Wantao, 20 level machinery 01 class Huang Yikun, 21 level Internet of Things engineering 01 class Yang Xiaohui, 21 level Internet of Things engineering 01 class Liang Jiaqi

Tutors: Liao CAI, Quan Zhimin, Zheng Jinrui, Zhong Dejun

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