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Li Haobin: From Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology to Peking University
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"These days, the question I hear most is how did I get into Peking University, one of China's top universities?Looking back on my preparation road, there are indeed many feelings, which are sad and bitter, not a few words can be said clearly。Now that the myriad emotions in my heart have calmed down, I share some of my experiences and feelings here, hoping to be of help to my fellow teachers and sisters。"-- Li Haobin

The idea of a race

How did I get the idea of entering Peking University?It stems from a race experience。

In 2021, under the organization of the university, I participated in the "FLTRP Cup" national English Writing Competition and won the second prize in the Guangdong division. This competition greatly touched me。Before the competition, I had serious self-doubt, and I was joined on the same stage by experts from Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, and Shenzhen University。Yes, I think in my heart is: I am a private college students, what to compete with others?At that time, the team was led by teacher Yue Zhiliang and teacher Jiang Xintian, and they saw my anxiety。

Li Haobin participated in the "FLTRP Cup" national English Writing Competition

"There is more unknown and power in every man than he knows。Teacher Yue Zhiliang said: "Enjoy the game。Grope in the game, strong in win or lose。Teacher Jiang Xintian also encouraged me not to belittle myself and focus on the current game preparation。The two teachers guided me to optimize the structure of my writing, gave me revision suggestions again and again, and recommended good English articles to me。They are professional, kind and wise representatives in my eyes。

Li Haobin and Yue Zhiliang teachers are daily teachers and friends

Winning the prize in this competition boosted my confidence。The school has always advocated "dare to venture", my understanding is that I hope students have the courage and gumption to break through themselves。

"Dare not challenge?One night, I was standing on the balcony of my dormitory, looking at the stars in the sky, carefully thinking about this question。As if by accident, this "secret" will get out。Deep in my heart, there is an "unattainable" dream - Peking University!Aaargh!Just thinking about China's top university brings tears to your eyes。

I think, in the burden of life is not heavy youth, to fight for the dream, not also fast zai?At that moment, I have a kind of "golden iron horse, gas swallowing ten thousand miles like a tiger" heroic。I made up my mind。

Li Haobin has always kept the habit of reading in his daily life

The match of the 2021 FLTRP Cup must be the turning point of my destiny, because I saw my "I can" in this match.。Later, under the guidance of my teachers, I participated in other competitions with full confidence, which were all subject competitions recognized by the Ministry of Education。These participation experience and the blessing of awards have added a lot of color to my later participation in the graduate interview of Peking University。

2300hours's declaration of war

To determine the goal of Peking University's postgraduate entrance examination is to declare war on yourself。I understand that this is a difficult road to dream, understand that "day after day, morning and night, boring, lonely and hard" will be the norm on this road to pursue dreams。

The entrance examination for postgraduate school is a game and contest between invisible opponents。Don't know who the opponent is, don't know how many opponents, don't know anything about the opponent。The only person you can know and control is yourself!Only self-discipline!

Fully plan your time and devote yourself to preparing for the exam!

The library and study room are Li Haobin's "second home" while preparing for the exam.

I began to prepare for the exam in the winter vacation of 2022, although there are 365 days left from the national postgraduate entrance examination, but there are courses and various tasks in the senior year, leaving me little time to prepare for the exam。Therefore, I dare not and can not waste every minute, every day to have a strict time planning!The whole block of time is used to do the real questions, and the fragment of time is used to brush words and legal knowledge。You must ensure at least 6 hours of study time a day and complete all day's study tasks on time。"Do today, do today" must be implemented in the entire process of postgraduate entrance examination。Now, I have spent nearly 2,300 hours studying for the exam。

The dense notes record nearly 2,300 hours of Li Haobin's efforts

When I was in school, I liked to go to the study room。The university has opened nearly 50 study rooms for postgraduate entrance examination, and often carries out postgraduate entrance examination experience sharing meeting and postgraduate entrance examination salon。In the study room of the entrance examination, I saw a group of figures who worked hard silently like me, and I felt strangely comforted in my heart。Occasionally listening to the postgraduate entrance examination share, but also add a lot of motivation。

In the summer vacation of 2022, we entered a critical period of preparation。I lived alone in a small room with a door, a window, a desk converted from a ping-pong table, a toilet, and piles of books from school to build my own world。No cell phones, no computers, no electronic devices of any kind。I am like a frog sitting in a well, looking up at my own small sky。Sometimes lying in a pile of books, it feels like being buried in a sea of questions。

Li Haobin shares her postgraduate entrance examination experience with her younger siblings

My life returned to a state of the most simple and pure: get up and wash up every day, start studying at a fixed point, and solve the food and clothing in the simplest way during the period, in addition, I buried myself in books like an old monk...After the summer vacation, I walked out of the cabin, and I really had a trance of "tomorrow and tomorrow.。

Now I think back to my entrance examination road, although it is monotonous and boring, but let me back。Alma mater, teachers, classmates have given me a lot of warmth and support, they always make me feel at the critical moment, I can get closer to my dream, closer...

Look down on birth, look at the future

The School of Foreign Languages where I work is an "old school" of the school, and its history is almost synchronized with that of the school。English language and literature is a key discipline in Guangdong Province. My English major is a first-class undergraduate major in Guangdong Province, and Alternate Interpretation is a first-class undergraduate course in Guangdong Province。The four years of professional study in the university have equipped me with good professional quality, and also laid a solid language and cultural foundation for my cross-examination of international law。

Li Haobin's preliminary test scores ranked 22nd in the country

On February 28, 2023, the preliminary examination results were released, and I ranked 22nd in the country with 384 points!I can't describe the feeling of seeing the result!Almost trembling, I sent a message to teacher Yue Zhiliang, and he immediately replied to me, asking me to stay steady and prepare for the second interview。He guided me over and over again to revise my resume and personal statement, helped me clarify the answers to some questions, and also conducted interview training for me to simulate the second interview scenario!Forever grateful to my dear teacher!

On April 14, 2023, I was driving when I received an admission message from Peking University!I parked the car on the side of the road, excitedly looking at the admission message over and over again, and even when I dialed my parents to report the good news, everything seemed to be in a dream。Until this moment, I was really relaxed, and there were 10,000 voices in my heart saying: I have become a master's student from a private undergraduate college in China's top university!

After the graduation ceremony, President Peng Shouqing sent me a book of personal inscription, and he sent "six looks" to the graduating students: undervaluing birth, valuing learning, looking at the future, looking at the short board, looking at utilitarianism, and looking at "difficult" accomplishment。Each of these "six looks" made me think deeply and felt the wisdom of life contained therein。

Peng Shouqing president to Li Haobin inscription gift book

I want to share my own experience and growth with my fellow teachers and sisters: don't be afraid of an ordinary starting point, don't spend time in all kinds of complaints, focus on your own learning and growth, and feel your progress every day。

In the four years of college, I have not only gained academic improvement, but also reshaped my outlook on life and values。The spirit of "dare to venture and create" will always accompany me to Yanyuan and encourage me to continue to make a difference in a new environment。

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