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The School of Fine Arts and Design consists of 4 departments: Visual Communication, Fashion Products, Digital Media and Environmental Design, and 7 undergraduate majors: Visual Communication Design, animation, photography, Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion and clothing Design, Product Design and Environmental Design。The school has animation laboratory, basic design laboratory, model making laboratory, studio laboratory, and clothing technology laboratory, which provide a good platform and strong support for the teaching and time of the school。The school currently has 2,250 students。 There are 95 teachers, including 11 professors, 17 associate professors, 30 lecturers, and 100% teachers with master's degree or above...… 【买球app排行十佳平台】

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School of Fine Arts and Design Dean Tian Tuan

Address: No. 2 Xuezhi Road, Mazhang District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province (524094) (0759) 3871329 (School Office)